Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brief introduction

Hi, there. Welcome to my blog. I am crazy about lots of handmade items, most of all, patchwork, clayworks and icing decoration.

Few years ago, I was a highly motivated System Engineer working in a big consulting firm situation in the KL Twin Towers. Never in my life would I even have the slightest thought of staying in China, until my husband got a job then(Yeah, a lot of thing was unexpected, what shattered me the most was the place we first came was a small village in the inland of China), so here i am now. Suddenly my life changed from an IT professional to a housewife, well, over here they called it 'expat wife'. Life was not that easy for me that time. I started to look for meaningful ways to pass boring life (most people think that expat wife lives a good life, but i don't think that's true). I tried many things, icing decoration, baking, knitting even clay works, everything self-learning. Though I was 'fully-equiped' with those skills, I still find emptiness within myself.

Praying hard for GOD's guidance, after shifting a few places, we finally settled down in Shanghai. This move meant a lot to me, first I got to get out of rural area and living a better lifestyle, of course ! Second, it's where I first stumbled into patchwork. I don't quite remember how I managed to find my patchwork school at all and frankly, I had never even thought of patchwork in my life. I believe the Almighty actually answered my prayer. Thank GOD!

This blog is going to be the best place to record my daily life from now on ^^.

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