Friday, August 29, 2008

First attempt to Patchwork - Pincushion

I started to exploring handmade craft ever since I became a boring 'tai-tai' (expat wife) in China . Patchwork is one of the crafts I explored after coming to Shanghai, July 2007.

If you ask me how did I stumble into this field ? To be frank, patchwork or quilting has never even come into my mind at all. I remembered the first few days, after unpacking all the stuff and tidied up the house, I was so desperate finding ways to re-adjust myself to this new environment. The only thing that could cool down my emotion is definitely surfing the web. I didn't remember what was the keyword I typed in google, may be something like 'what to do in Shanghai for passing your time besides shopping' (hehe) but things just got started during that surf.

I found a quilting school then. It was owned by a Korean, JingShi patchwork. I checked out their sites, saw wonderful bags and quilts made the Korean teacher. I was so excited. We immediately visited the quilt school on that weekend. I fell for the school immediately. The teachers (a Korean and a Shanghainese) were very friendly. One important condition that really eased me a lot was their flexible time and duration to work on the project. I signed up for the course straight away.
I took my the first class on the following week. This was my first project. :), under the good guidance of my Shanghai teacher, Madam Huang Hui Feng, a very cute and funny lady. Madam Huang is older than anyone of us but her heart is still very young that sometimes she really made me laugh a lot due to her happy-go-lucky characteristics.

Another good teacher is Ms Cho Hye Jung, a Korean lady. Ms Cho was then my teacher for intermediate level. Ms Cho is a very soft speaking lady but sometimes funny too. She has more than 10 years for patchwork experience and won second prize for her patchwork project in Korea before. Communication may be a little bit of problem for her right now because she has been in Shanghai for almost two years but she tried very hard to learn speaking Chinese language, right now she can speak quite well already.

Another nice administration staff is Xiao Gao. Though she is not in the level of teaching us but she is defintely an important piece of resource in this patchwork school. Her professional way of marketing the school products really impressed me that I wish that one day if i really own a shop, i could find someone like her to work with me.

There are many patchwork school in Shanghai but I believe it's not the matter of paying money and learn something. The atmosphere in the class is rather important. This school makes people happy and enjoy every moment of making their project. I believe not many patchwork school in Shanghai is able to achieve a result like what I described. Overall, I felt so lucky to be able to find such a school.

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