Friday, August 29, 2008

A friend, a powerseller in Ebay, the story behind.

I recently 'met' an old friend from the internet. She is now a powerseller of ebay now. Thought I want to get some tip from her about how to sell effectively in ebay. She introduced me to her site I was surprised to find the hard time she'd been through. Well it's not the normal kind of hard time any successful person in the world been through but this has something to do with your health condition forever. She went through a acoustic neuroma surgery before that caused her to face permanent facial paralysis forever. From what she described about her situation that time, I could feel her sadness and despair that time. She was once such a cute girl really attracted lots of guys attention during college life, tall, slim and beauty, what else could you ask for ?

Worst of all, she was jobless after her surgery.

Her courage to pull herself back together and look forward again really makes me salute to her. I believe she must have used whatever strength she had during the hard time to think of her future. It's good thing that she thought of internet business. Not all of us would come out a solution like that for sure. Some people use a life time to search for a way to earn income but never get the answer. You can only pray for direction.

I wish her all the best.

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