Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Starting my Baltimore quilt

You need to transfer the pattern to your fabric first.  In Japan, they have special box kind of tool that comes with lamp and glass.  If you don't have such a tool, you can follow what i did here.  I have a transparent glass table here, then place a reading lamp below it (by the way, you need to be in darker area when copying), then place my fabric on top of the pattern on the table.  You will be able to see the whole pattern well enough, then start to "transfer" the pattern. 

 just have to face this, lots of applique to do.  Thing is,i still have no clue what kind of color combination i need to use right now.  Nevermind, start with the leaves first.

I just can't sit still while sewing applique.  Someone reminded me of baking cake to enjoy the other day at my Facebook wall.  Hmmm... good idea.

Would you like to join me ?
Butter cake with lemon rind and raisins, not too sweet, not that fattening, based on Japanese cake recipe. 

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