Thursday, March 24, 2011

Little craft to store your lace or embroidery thread

I saw a magazine with a little piggy wearing a ball dress, an idea cross my mind. I went back to try my idea after that.

I am so exciting to share this idea today. If you have a varienty of embroidery threads or lace that require a cute way to store up, you don't have to buy any special tool at all.  Simply use my way to store your threads or ribbons. The result is going to be so cool and you can decorate your cute studio too.

All you need are hard cardboard, cute animal shape (suggest to use shape that is big enough to roll up your threads), a pair of scissors, and any fabrics of your choice (if you have a lot of left over from your projects that is big enough to cover the shape, you can use them) and paper glue.

1. draw up the shape of animal on the cardboard.

2. cut out the shape.

3. Make sure the outer fabric is larger than the original pattern, glue the fabric to the shape, make sure the fabric covers the area nicely and no air bubble inside, then cut the fabric slightly bigger than the original pattern.

4. cut out the fabric as follows so that you can fold the fabrics towards the cardboard.

5.  Remember to  cut the sharp edge as shown in the photo below.

6.  Apply the glue to the back side of the cardboard, fold in the fabric

7.  Draw up the same pattern for the back fabric but this time make sure the pattern is on the opposite side.  Next, cut the fabric but make sure you cut it slightly smaller then the original pattern.

8.  Apply the glue to the cardboard again and stick the fabric to the cardboard as shown

 9.  Done !!  You are done, it's time to roll up all your ribbons or thread.  Does it look like the little piggy wear the ballet dress ?

Go green, enjoy !!


ferne said...

Adorable! Creative! and it!

Una said...

So very pretty! Thank you for the tutorial:)

Story Quilt said...

You are always welcome !!

Cheers from Story