Friday, January 16, 2015

A decorative accessories ? Not really ^v^

It’s another year, what have you plan to make to mark your new project ?

I have been working on something pretty easy and fun to make.  It’s a ball shape coin purse.  I have collected Alice in Wonderland fabrics from Kokka, Japan 2 years ago. I haven’t got any idea on how to turn this fabric into something unique until I saw a little boy playing this colorful ball.  I thought, maybe I should challenge this project. And voila! I finally made it !  Hahaha …. It is so unique especially when I added some beautiful details to the purse.   

This unique purse was immediately sold out when I uploaded the photos to my Facebook.  Thank you !  ^v^   .  I also receive a very good comment that this ball shape coin purse is just unique and beautiful as decorative accessories.  Yes, that’s my whole idea by Story Quilt.

A friend from internet suggested that one should make ornaments for Christmas trees which also act as a gifts, pretty good idea.  Thank you, P. L   (^v^) v

If you are interested with this pattern, please drop by a my little shop in Etsy at the link below :
You will be surprised that this project is pretty simple to make (because the hard work of experimenting was done by me ^v^). 

Just pick and match your favorite pieces of fabrics and start sewing.  Or maybe add some accessories from your “treasure box” (yes, I do have a treasure keeping all kind of accessories ^v^).     

Right now, I just want to go and have a big splash at the pool (I have missed it for so long due to on-going and going projects).  See you soon !

I hope you enjoy my works ! 

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