Friday, November 21, 2014

Sunbonnet Sue Round basket bag pattern in my Etsy !

19/11/2014, started working from early in the morning 

Finally, I managed to pull myself back to the working mood again, my heart was still with Paris last week. 

Ok, I finally appliqué the other side of my new project.  It’s a cozy house with heartwarming trees.  I am not going to appliqué the front road or the field this time, I think I want to embroider a little details here.  Am still trying to think hard for the embroidery details I want to present the field.  Will see  !

20/11/2014, Shopping day !!!

I just want to stop from work, if not, i am afraid I may become anti-social lady soon, i am just too addicted to working.  My husband encouraged me to go shopping to relax myself, yeah, I guess he reminded me that I haven't been doing any shopping for so long. So am sneaking out for some shopping.

I love Kinokuniya bookstore, sometimes I can just stand there and reading the books for many hours.  There are just too many books to read !  Am adding up these 3 books for my library collection.  I think I have more books than clothes compared to other ladies.  Is it normal ?? 

21/11/2014, Done with my quilting !

Finally, all the quilting details are added to my project.  Hmmm... it's just so romantic !  Time to bind them together 
  < ---- excited, excited !!


Таня said...

"I think I have more books than clothes compared to other ladies." You aren't lonely, the same problem :)

Story Quilt said...

Hahah.. really ?

That's great, I have company now ^v^