Thursday, November 27, 2014

Almost done !

I have been finding solution for the handle of this project.  Am thinking a way to present it and can use in multiple way, besides that, the size and design of this handle have to be cute !

Searching through my fabric cabinets for the Japanese sakizome (taupe) right fabric pattern and color, finally this one helps !  phew !! 

Next is the shape of the handle.  To be frank, when designing a new bag pattern, one needs to put in lots of time from designing to completing a beautiful bag.  It is a big challenge, imagine you need to start from scratch, from a piece of paper, to making the pattern and to making the bag.  No wonder designers are paid pretty good price for their works.

 Of course for me over here, the most important thing is, you get something really unique and you don’t see a lot of people carrying almost the same bag as yours.  That makes you so proud, agree ?

I think I should be able to complete this project tomorrow.  Yahoo !!


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