Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Tote bag , About Anne, of green gable ? Maybe ^v^

The moment of truth has come !  Finally my bag project is completed.
It’s the story about little Anne , of green gable ? Maybe.  I remember this scene in this story book where Anne was sitting by the plain field waiting for the someone from the big houses to pick her up.  The view is pretty soft and pure.  I just love it and immediately started designing this handbag.

This is the result of my tips of making applique bag.  Please feel free to read my tips at the link below.  I hope my tips can help you make beautiful applique bags.  You will surely be so proud of your works for sure.

*** Note :  The pattern for this bag will be available in my Etsy shop soon.  Please feel free to visit my Etsy shop at the link below.

The handbag measurement :

Measurement of this bag
Height - 17.5 cm
Width (body)– 26 cm
Width (top zipper area) 11 cm
Width ( bottom) 12.5 cm 
handles  approximately 37 cm

Front / back of the bag

Closer look at my hand stitched applique

The other side of the bag with little Anne 
waiting patiently for someone to pick her up

The bag can also be a decorative item for your book rack too ^v^ ( I really love this idea)

Side of the handbag

I hope you like my work, have a good week ahead ^v^ 

**The bag is sold out immediately after it is launched **  ^v^  


pratima said...

Your pictures are lively and full of details! Beautiful scenery and a sweet house in the middle! The backside is just as beautiful, it is like going into a different world :)

Happy planning for your trip!

Story Quilt said...

Hello Patima.

Nice to "see you" again. Yes, I have been thinking to make something like that for quite a while. A finally with a good them in mind, i just started it immediately.

Thank you for liking my works.

So far my planning for our Paris trip is pretty smooth. Thank GOD ^v^