Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A special pouch for a special friend, Emi Miyase san ^v^

I am so thrilled when my Japanese friend, Emi, who sent so many lovely gifts for me to mark our friendship for so many years.  She even made me a very cute piggy pouch that warms my heart completely.  

I really can't thank her enough.  The only way I can show my utter appreciation is to make a very unique gift, just for her.  

Though i was inspired to make a pouch like this but what to make then ?  I did some sketching and I kept looking at the piggy pouch to see what come out from my mind.  Sometimes you can sit for whole day and never get any idea coming your way.  So, I did an hour of line dance (totally addicted  to it) .  Maybe the exhaustion help to 'spark some light' in my mind and there comes my idea , a carriage !!!  This idea is pretty fresh, not many people are making carriage pouch i think ^v^..  (giggle)

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