Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stylish Marine tote bag (mid September 2011)

Beginning of autumn, 14/9/2011.  I have collected fabrics needed for this bag.   Let me see, maybe a little simple yet with character touch up, a beautiful sew on badge.   

What else do I need,  a beautiful navy blue ribbon + ...... a cute marine style button........  (hunting high and low from my magic cabinet....)

Finally, this one should add up more character to the bag  .

Take a look at my new stylish marine like tote bag   (sold out before it's even launched)

I had been looking  for beautiful marine like stripe fabric, finally it's in my cabinet (So so so happy  !!!)

I chose this fabric as the interior of this bag to create a very modern and stylish characteristic, it is such a perfect match for the theme of this bag.  Also, I used a navy blue polka dot fabric as the pocket to create a contrast to the inner fabric to ease the owner to look for the location of the fabric.  

 The badge represent strong characteristic while the ribbon represent soft characteristic, once combined, it becomes so lady like appearance to the bag.   

With a matching mini anchor zipper head, the whole bag is completed , YEAH !!!

I hope my bag brings a beautiful smile to the new owner soon.  

(After completing this bag, me and husband went back to our homeland for holidays)

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