Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Zakka basket

27/9/2011, autumn.  

I found that the local don't really know how to enjoy beautiful things.  Take for example, this beautiful basket was simply displayed under the sun, covered with dust, what a pity.  So it is going to be my new zakka collection at home ^v^.   Just a little touch up, I apply some varnish to the entire basket to produce a beautiful glaze this morning, it looks so brand new now.  Later on, I am going to put back the fabric inside, you will see the effect. 

/28/9/2011, autumn.

 Here is the new face of my basket...

It look so much beautiful compared to the first time it arrived my home 


angeles said...

Que bonita ha quedado la cesta, un saludo

Story Quilt said...

Thank you ^v^