Saturday, April 16, 2011

Busy morning at the farm purse

Mother hen : " Master said early birds get the best deal, hurry, don't be late for our breakfast".

This pouch is based on this idea, I really love to see chicken running around at the farm, always searching for something to eat, they are so cute !!  When seeing this picture is stitched to my handmade pouch, I just can't express my happy feeling to see the result.

Front of this pouch. 

 I decided to try something new for this bag, a 3 D effect window.  The result is absolutely more lifely compared to normal applique window, that is for sure.

Also for the zipper head (I was lucky that I collected a lot of zipper head each time I visit Japan).  The clock really makes the whole scene more meaningful. 

The back of this pouch is purple checked Japanese sakizome fabrics (gingham).  This fabric is one of my favourites too.  Adding a simple touch at the back of the pouch makes the whole thing more colorful instead of plain fabric, also make this pouch more unique compared to other pouches.

Usage : 

traveling pouch , cosmetic, as a purse, pencil case as a gift, or any usage you can think of.   The pouch is big enough to

The pouch is also available for sell on my Etsy.  Please drop by anytime. More things will be coming up for sell very soon.

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