Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Buffet lunch

I started to go to patchwork school yesterday but I didn't do much work there. I learnt to enjoy my buddies there, at least I feel cheerful when joking around with my lady friends.

Though our ages differ so much, we still enjoy each others funny characteristics very much. When we are around, the whole class becomes so lifely. Our energetic characteristics even help attract more business for our school because a lot of students joined the class because they find that we are having such great fun in the class.

Right now, I treasure every moment with my lady buddies because soon, we will be apart. Some of my Taiwanese friends will go back to Taiwan for good. I hope that one day we will be able to have a gathering like this again.

Having dessert at XenWan restaurant, buffet lunch at RMB 98 per person. Looks yummy ?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hard time - suffering neck problem

I was quite depress for the past few weeks due to my neck problem. My fingers and legs were numb almost every day, when I bent down my head to work on projects, I felt dizzy like the whole house was spinning. The symptoms continue till today. My therapist told me to stop working on patchwork for the moment because each time if I work on patchwork again, it will defeat the whole purpose to go for therapy. My posture will worsen my sickness. I was so sad. Going to patchwork school is something I look forward every day but ever since I suffered the sickness, I chose to avoid school because I feel sad when seeing everyone completing new projects.

Lately I tried to cheer up myself. Patchwork is part of my life while health is more important than anything. I should treasure my health first before I can treasure the rest wonderful experiences that comes in life.

I have to be thankful that I have such a supportive husband. He concerns so much about me every day. If I don't really work hard to cure my health problem, I will be very sorry to him.

I must keep reminding myself to win this tricky challenge !

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunbonnet sue multipurpose pouch

I brought this project back to my home town and thinking that I was able to complete it on time. I was wrong, I just got to complete it today <*shame but I have a good reason for slowing down, again, my neck problems. I have been working very hard to complete my projects and some orders this two years, it is actually not good for my health. Long hours looking down stitching the projects has cause injury to my neck. I started to feel dizziness and my hands and legs feel like electrified when i look up. I was very worry and immediately sick help at one of the hospitals in Shanghai. After the X-ray, I totally understand the big problem at my neck. Currently I am going through few sessions of therapy to adjust the neck bones and muscles back. I feel blessed because I detected this problem earlier because problem like this could end up very serious injury if not treated properly. So for those craft addicts like me, please make sure you do stretching and relax every 30 minutes, avoid long posture.


Slowly, I tried to stitch the pieces for the background and applique of Sunbonnet Sue. Next, the basting took place followed by the quilting. Then stitch the two sides together to make it an oval shape.


About to complete soon. It has been raining for almost 4 days in Shanghai, so cold.....

I need to stitch the bottom of my pouch. It is important to adjust the bottom to fit nicely to body of the pouch, so use any many needles to pin it as you can.

Everybody can make a bag, the only difference is the how a person take good care of every single detail. When 'shaping' the bag, pinning up every pieces carefully is important or your bag will look clumsy.

oops, it's almost 11pm, got to sleep now.


I didn't touch the pouch for the past few days. Today, I managed to bias straped the bottom and the top only. I need to avoid looking down until my neck problem recovers.

Finally, I finished this one already !!! YEAH !!!!! Though a bit slow, I am still very happy to see the result. Oh, I found that the back is too plain, so i added something myself :p

Back view

inner view

Now i can relax and eat already.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Return to Shanghai.

Busy project life again. I am working on 4 projects at the same time, sigh.......... so tired.

I need to work on my middle & higher level project, a small pouch (can be a lunch box pouch for children too) and also few orders. I almost forgot my dinner just now, goodness !! Projects are projects, health is health, I have to keep reminding myself now.

I am stitching up all the pieces together, today is the second day already. Suddenly I noticed the "Tulips" is smaller than actual size, oh my GOD! I need to do correction tomorrow, sob sob ...

After lining up the blocks below, I am quite satisfied, all my hard works