Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hard time - suffering neck problem

I was quite depress for the past few weeks due to my neck problem. My fingers and legs were numb almost every day, when I bent down my head to work on projects, I felt dizzy like the whole house was spinning. The symptoms continue till today. My therapist told me to stop working on patchwork for the moment because each time if I work on patchwork again, it will defeat the whole purpose to go for therapy. My posture will worsen my sickness. I was so sad. Going to patchwork school is something I look forward every day but ever since I suffered the sickness, I chose to avoid school because I feel sad when seeing everyone completing new projects.

Lately I tried to cheer up myself. Patchwork is part of my life while health is more important than anything. I should treasure my health first before I can treasure the rest wonderful experiences that comes in life.

I have to be thankful that I have such a supportive husband. He concerns so much about me every day. If I don't really work hard to cure my health problem, I will be very sorry to him.

I must keep reminding myself to win this tricky challenge !

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