Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Buffet lunch

I started to go to patchwork school yesterday but I didn't do much work there. I learnt to enjoy my buddies there, at least I feel cheerful when joking around with my lady friends.

Though our ages differ so much, we still enjoy each others funny characteristics very much. When we are around, the whole class becomes so lifely. Our energetic characteristics even help attract more business for our school because a lot of students joined the class because they find that we are having such great fun in the class.

Right now, I treasure every moment with my lady buddies because soon, we will be apart. Some of my Taiwanese friends will go back to Taiwan for good. I hope that one day we will be able to have a gathering like this again.

Having dessert at XenWan restaurant, buffet lunch at RMB 98 per person. Looks yummy ?


sandra said...

Hi there!

I'm also living in Shanghai and I'm interested in learning more about classes available in patchwork. I googled patchwork classes in Shanghai and found your blog. I'd really appreicate any contact you can provide for me!


Story Quilt said...

Hi, Sandra, i can't provide you the full information for you right now cause I am currently having holidays in Tokyo. However, try searching Jinshi in google, you maybe able to find it.
Cheers SF