Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For my husband (31/8/2011)

It's Merdeka Day (National Day) back home in Malaysia.  If we were there, I guess we must be driving around town, enjoying foods and views for the whole day to celebrate our National Day.

My husband asked me to make a very simple pouch for him to put his small stuff, the request has been pending for one year.  The other day, he showed me his pouch that has a few holes .... I feel so ashamed and decided to make it today.  He was so happy to hear that (feel so sorry .....) 

I think simple pattern suits man better, so I thought of using this pattern below 

The most difficult part is to match the colors and fabrics.  So start working on my jigsaw puzzle

(1/9/2011, 8: 30 pm)

It is just hard to match puzzles like this, there must be a balance in terms of colors and prints.  

12:00pm, Done !!

Time for lunch, I am going to have homemade burger today.  

2/9/2011, Windy day . 2:00 pm

I stitched up the pieces yesterday.  Frankly, I did it quite rush while stitching up the pieces, I made errors half way through.  I really hate to undo the stitches   .  

Finally it's done.....  I really love the colors, unisex color .

Hmm... let see, I think I'm going to stitch up my husband's initial at the back for the pouch.  

Half and hour  later .....  W. H.  hehehe....  

4/9/2011, 12:00 am, sunny day.

I hand quilted the front but for the back, I decided to use machine to quilt stripes line to create nice contrast to the initial above.

Work until 12:00 am, time for bed........ zzzz

5/9/2011, 2:00 pm

Hmmmm. ... almost done.  I think up to this stage, I quite like this design though.

Let me choose my favorite inner fabric, something country...

I finally complete this pouch, oh, I really love the size of it as it's deep, and the bottom is wide.  Actually  I didn't draw up any pattern at all, I just go along with it, just simply work out the size I want.  Not too bad,  (chuckled )..  Take a look

This is the front ...

Back ...


Bet this pouch will allow him to put lots of his gadgets from now on.   See, there's still more room to put in additional things.

I really love this pouch...... 


pratima said...

All those checkered fabrics in warm colors and tiny pieces are so cute! Cute idea to personalize the back :)

Story Quilt said...

Thank you dear !!. I didn't have any plan for the colors at all, I just simply cut 2 pieces of fabrics to start matching colors from there. It's glad that the colors come up nicely and even suitable as a unisex pouch so that I can use it too. ^^ This is the wonderful part of sakizome fabrics .


Anonymous said...

I love this pouch! Thanks for the wonderful photos. He is so proud of you!