Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Cotton Linen Eco Tote bag

My new Cotton linen tote bag.  I have been stitching a lot for my Baltimore project lately, my hands just itched to touch my sewing machine.  Having a good ideas of this tote bag in mind, with my newly arrived cotton weaved handle and ribbon, i decided I need to make 2 linen tote bags to fulfill my "needs" to make a product.    Each time I visited Japan, I just fall for the concept of their tote bag, casual and chic and so light to carry around.  I remembered my good friend carrying a heavy and bulky bag shopping with me last time, in the end, I needed to "share the burden" with her by carrying the bag for her.  Though the bag is fashionable, I think it just doesn't worth the kind of "burden". 

Just a little touch, good quality cotton grosgrain ribbon & beautiful cheerful pink inner fabric to make the entire bag looks so cute !

At first, i thought I want to use the same fabrics for the back and front of the bag but I found it so dull.  Also, carrying big red polka dot bag can be very fashionable when properly designed (I think Marc Jacob has a bag like that).  Why not make the front and back of the bag useful ?  So here we are...

I just uploaded the 2 of my bags for sell yesterday in Etsy, and one is already taken up.  WOW!!

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