Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's spring time !!!

I visited flower market nearby today and found these beautiful cabbage roses, it is one of my favourite flowers and it's telling everybody that it's spring time already !!!! I have been longing for warmer days for so long .... ! When the days get warmer, I will become more active

So gorgeous !!!  I can just enjoy these beautiful blossom for the whole day...


Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Spring can't get here fast enough! Your roses are spectacular! The color is just gorgeous. Your photographs are just perfect. Thanks for sharing.

Story Quilt said...

Thanks, Angela.

Your side is still very cold ? I believe spring time will visit you very soon. I feel so happy that you enjoy my photos. Good things are for sharing (a lot of friends in my facebook loves seeing these photos too).

Enjoy \(^V^)/
hugs from Chieng

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers!!!! So bright and cheery!!!

pratima said...

Beautiful flowers. They would cheer up any grey day. Your pictures are gorgeous :)

Story Quilt said...

Thank you, Pratima.

Hope they brighten up your days too

Hugs from Chieng.