Friday, May 21, 2010

Boutis !

Shame shame shame, I only managed to update my blog when I am back to Malaysia as China has been banning a lot of sites from blogspot to any other fun blog sites, frankly I don't know why they do it. I tried to take as many work in progress photo when I was there and bring it back to Malaysia to update my blog. I really don't want to stop this blog as I am trying to find some way to by-pass the server in China.

I remember while doing this project, it was before Chinese New Year, with me suffering serious neck problem but still have the will power to complete this as I really love quilting so much. Everyday, I tried few lines of quilting and slowly increase to as many as I could but paying a lot of cautious to my neck recovery too.

26/2/2010, I finally finished quilting the entire boutique. Next step is to insert two thread of yarn inside each open area in the quilt. It was very troublesome really.

Take a closer look. It's really important to take courses from very beginning.

hmmm... what should I do with this piece of quilted project ? Maybe another cushion. Let's see the result.