Friday, April 23, 2021

Easy-going double zipper pouch sewing pattern

Just one Sewing Pattern to sew up 3 different designs 

for double zip pouches that serve many purposes 

in any occasion.  

You can use the Size L as daily clutch pouch, 

Size M as your iphone bag, traveling bag, 

day out bag.  

While Size S can be used a small handy money 

and makeup pouch, 

notion pouch, and  many other purposes 

that you can think of.

All you need is just very simple sewing materials , cute 

scrap fabrics to start. With just very simple twist 

of exterior fabric used, 

you will surely create a very beautiful and unique 

pouch using this pattern. 


LARGE - 7(1/2)” (H) X 10” (W) 7(1/2)” 

Spacious Size L pouch will have 2 interior pockets 
to help you organize your essentials .

MEDIUM - H X 5(1/4)” W 4(1/2)”
Size M as your iphone bag, traveling bag, day out bag

SMALL - 4.5" (H) X 5(3/4)” W

The smallest pouch can be used as handy money and 
cosmetic pouch,
 notion pouch, travel pouch etc 

This sewing pattern is going to be a really fun, quick, 

easy and really cute to have double zipper pouch sewing project 

for you.   

Simply click on any photo above to lead you to my pattern shop. 

Have fun sewing !  

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